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Its like when I used to like slipknot, i soon wanted heavier and more technical stuff to listen to (didn't take long) so I discovered children of bodom and necrophagist.And recently its been about cynic, disgorge, and devourment.This ultimately not only shapes and therefore limits our technique, it also shapes what we compose, what we write.We end up thinking still unknowingly trapped in that box." -Adam Nitti Well scard, if you still insist on trying to sing like him then you may as well just give up now, that trend will be done in a few years.

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We end up thinking still unknowingly trapped in that box." -Adam Nitti Scard don't listen to these guys you sing the way you want to sing if you want to sing like Matt you have to kind of almost shout at a high pitch that will give you that strong grunge kind of sound but if you do this you put your throat chords in a state that you could damage them.AVENGED SEVENFOLD IS THE BEST HARD ROCK/METAL BAND EVER! FUCK ALL YOU CRITICS So this Georgian Olympian runs into a bar Aosoth - New album III out now on Agonia Recs Epoch - bass, guitars, drums, Meta Stasizing out asap Asphixa - bass, demo out asap Adustum - bass, guitars, full length out soon on XXXXXXXXXX recs for anyone who just tried to bash M. i DONT GIVE A FUCK AVENGED SEVENFOLD IS THE BEST BAND EVER, WITH THE BEST SINGER EVER.