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We have a show in New York at the Governors Ball Festival in June, a private party that same night and some other shows also in the city at that time. Actually, I'm more focused on my career as a soloist than in a comeback with The Strokes.

is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter and music producer. released his debut album Yours To Keep in 2006 and followed up with ¿Cómo Te Llama? His third solo album, Momentary Masters, was released through Vagrant Records on July 31, 2015. He is the son of British-Gibraltarian singer-songwriter Albert Hammond, best known for his 1972 hit single "It Never Rains in Southern California", and Argentine former model and beauty pageant winner Claudia Fernández. The songs in which Hammond does play solos are "Last Nite", "Trying Your Luck", "Take It or Leave It", "Under Control", "The End Has No End", "Ize of the World", "Threat of Joy", "Vision of Division", and "Drag Queen".

The first hints at the 2016 lineup arrived in March, via the festival’s fifth annual South By Southwest party.

Hammond Jr.’s third solo LP, “Momentary Masters”, has all the hooks that charmed Strokes fans the first time around, with introspective lyrics that suggest the once wild rock ‘n’ roller is in a more settled place.

The musician, who's just played Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile, chats with usabout returning to his South American roots and whether there’s any possibility of a Strokes comeback. It's funny you should mention that because actually when we started the tour in September there were songs that we decided we would not play on this tour.

You have family in Argentina, so does coming to South America feel like a homecoming? There are songs that you decide have completed their cycle and you look for new ones, and sometimes you put two songs together and make them work.

He wrote "Elephant Song" when he was required to record a song for his Sound 101 class during his freshman year and used the school's recording equipment.Is there any chance of a comeback with The Strokes?