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Donald Johanson believes that Lucy is “the missing link,” a species that represents the moment when humans split from apes.

He believes she is the creature he has always been looking for and imagined was out there.

But most important was Johanson’s claim and reason for putting her in the lineage of humans, which was that she was bipedal (walked upright, on two feet).

This claim was based on evidence supplied by Johanson, locomotion expert Owen Lovejoy, and many other experts in various fields, and they were well-supported and have changed the way we interpret human evolution.

Other scientists think that Lucy is not so much a transition in between apes and humans, as she is a starting off point.

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Through the use of rock hammers, dental tools, whisk brooms, and screens “to sift through piles of sediment,” a number of new observations were made (Thimmesh,17).From these observations, ideas about the fossils were then able to be theorized.One observation was that the bones were all the same size and color, which indicated that they did indeed belong to a single creature. This came from the notion of sexual dimorphism, that there is a difference in the body size between males and females of certain ape species.According to Johanson’s account of the discovery, it was mid-afternoon, when he looked back behind him and saw “a glint in the sunlight of a piece of elbow.” After the elbow, he found a piece of a shinbone, and then the lower piece of a thighbone.

Johanson believed the bones might all belong to the same creature because “they were all scattered on the surface of one small place and there were no duplicate bones,” (Johanson,156).He soon realized that he had more than just a single elbow bone, but a number of bones, all from the same skeleton.

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