Sex dating in forest city pennsylvania

30-Aug-2017 04:50

'This child was forced into sex slavery, paid to do things with men double, triple, quadruple her age,' her attorney Nadeem Bezar said.

Fellow lawyer Tom Kline added: 'You have to be blind deaf and dumb not to know that over 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple days.'You have a cleaning crew that comes into the room and often times finds boxes or waste cans full of used condoms.

When they arrived, a hotel clerk would show them to the girl's room, according to the lawsuit, which names a staff member, 'Abdul', who was supposedly aware of the abuse.

The lawsuit claims that motel workers should have noticed tell-tale signs of abuse, such as the room allegedly regularly containing used condoms.

It also claims that the room 'frequently smelled of marijuana' and that men and minors were allegedly seen leaving it.

The girl was allegedly treated 'aggressively' and would have seemed scared, court documents claim, adding that she often 'dressed in a sexually explicit manner'.

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