Setup failed updating region

05-Aug-2017 23:47

setup failed updating region-1

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The simplest solution to this problem is the following: If this does not work for you, proceed with the following methods: Check on your UAC (User Access Control), this could be preventing you to install updates on your computer.

You can try logging in as the Administrator, give write access to directories specified in the "update.log" file and follow the steps below: Note: You will need to repeat Step 2 for every folder that you need modify access to. Every action that you take from this window will be executed with full Administrator permissions.

It'll help you if you are also facing similar problem and not able to download Windows 8 after purchasing it from Microsoft.

This tutorial will also help if you have already downloaded Windows 8 successfully but didn't create any installation media to have a backup of the setup files.

If the download failed or you received error messages such as access is denied or internal error occurred, etc, you can follow these simple steps to solve the issue and re-download Windows 8 from Microsoft: 1. If these temporary files get corrupted or accidentally deleted by the installer, the download immediately failed.

Upgrade assistant program or Windows 8 installer stores the temporary setup files in following directory: You can access this folder by typing appdata in Start Menu search box or RUN dialog box and press Enter. We'll delete these temporary files to clear the installer cache and to force it to start the download again from scratch.

setup failed updating region-31

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setup failed updating region-74

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This method will help people who are facing problems while downloading Windows 8 setup.

Just delete the whole "Web Setup" folder or rename it and run upgrade assistant or Windows 8 installer again.

Now it'll start downloading Windows 8 setup files again from beginning without asking you to purchase the license again.

Some people also received an error message "Access is denied" during the download of setup files.

When users tried to re-run upgrade assistant to re-download Windows 8 setup files, it asked them to purchase Windows 8 again. Why should they pay again if they have already paid for it?

I went on vacations in July, came back in August and I had a bunch of updates.