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Neidvoll blicken deutsche Aktivisten auf die Arbeit des Kollegen.

"So weit sind wir in Deutschland noch lange nicht", sagt Georg Wurth, Sprecher des Deutschen Hanfverbands.

Social mockery, malice and bullying is not a new phenomenon. Sexual assaults mostly take place in private messages in chat rooms, messaging services and communities.

However, the rapid development of social media has enabled children and young people to be humiliated in a wider capacity: They cannot go home and get away from it all, they can be victimized day or night. The defamatory content can be circulated very quickly within the internet community and can be seen by lots of people very quickly. There has been an increasing tendency of assaults made in public e.g.

It is also important to have moderators to prevent any assaults.

Victims of cyberbullying and sexual harassment often keep silent.

In all communication services cyberbullying and sexual harassment of children are an everyday problem.

Smartphones make it very easy to take compromising photos and disseminate them online.

Und kann sich künftig ähnliche Aktionen wie die Silver Tour vorstellen - wenn auch in einem kleineren Rahmen.Der 70-Jährige hat vor zwölf Monaten die Silver Tour ins Leben gerufen - eine Show, die über das Potential der Hanfpflanze als Heilmittel informiert.