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A victim has 120 hours or 5 days to receive a SAFE Exam after the incident. Sexual assault forensic examinations are a free and confidential service offered to these patients. Patients will not receive a bill, nor will their insurance company receive a bill.

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As a service to the victims of sexual assault in Baltimore County, the SAFE Program at GBMC has established a comprehensive partnership in conjunction with the Baltimore County Police Department, Child Protective Services, the Baltimore County State Attorney's office, local universities and sexual assault counseling providers to ensure victims are treated compassionately and respectfully.The evidence is locked in our evidence locker until it is picked up by the Baltimore County Crime Lab.We do not process or analyze anything here at GBMC, nor do we know if or when the SAFE Kit will be processed by the Crime Lab.Will the SAFE Nurse test anything from the SAFE Kit?

The SAFE Nurse collects, packages, and seals the evidence appropriately.Therefore, the SAFE Nurse is not able to answer questions about what happened or what the results show.