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06-Aug-2017 17:46

It reminds me of Sunny D but fancy--orangey sweet but there's something about it that makes it lean more mimosa. The perfect smell to start the day for a very active day.

It's absolutely beautiful but becomes a very faint skin scent after 3-4 hours. I would love a little bottle to take with me in the afternoon.

I wear this on rainy days when the freshness of the air just makes this scent intoxicatingly gorgeous. I kept on walking, and realized that this scent followed me. It was this fragrance that made me realize that a smell can really change a person's mood.

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But since that's exactly the kind of weather I'd be looking to wear a light citrus floral such as this, that's not much good for me. This is an amazing summer scent that unfortunately doesn't last long. It's more tangerine, mandarin, and orange than lime/lemon. At the same time, it smells very green, like freshly cut grass or grass after a heavy rainfall. As it dries down, I get a stronger fruity note, and it becomes too difficult to pick out exactly what it smells like. However, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a touch sharp to my nose, but only for about the first 20 minutes, but even then, is still lovely. I do not very well how to describe it, but definitively if you like fresh smells and a kind of discrete smells is perfect. Some advertisements say that is unisex, maybe is because they love it too.

Verdict: not a masterpiece, but pleasing, and more useful than many masterpieces of modern perfumery. This reminds me so much of a water lily or lotus fragrance I’ve smelled before, but the memory is so faint that it seems to be from another lifetime; quite a dreamy moment for me.

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